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Using Keywords

First of all don't use keywords unless it's necessary. Each result page displays up to 50 links so there's no need to specify keywords in countries with less than 50 entries. Keyword searches are case insensitve and if you enter a keyword, the url, name, town and topics field of Departments in the selected Country will be examined. Do not use +/-/*/?/" characters and reduce your keyword to the minimum - e.g. wash should be enough to match washington. Don't expect too much by entering a keyword and don't use it unless you think you must ...

Simple Search

Allows you to search for Departments by Country and Keyword. When you enter this page and click on "Search!" you'll get a simple list of all Departments (50 results per page), selecting a Country will limit to that domain and giving a Keyword will exclude all entries that don't contain it in the appropriate database entry.

Advanced Search

Allows you to search for Researchfields as well. The default combination method uses logical or - so if you check "GIS" and "Remote", all Departments with at least one of these fields will be included. To restrict to Departments with both fields just check the combine with logical and button. As far as the output of your search results is concerned there are two possibillities:

  1. Plain listing (default method)
  2. Detailed database entries (check detailed button)

The plain listing looks the same as in Simple Search, whereas the detailed listing will provide you with additional information like Location, Researchfields, and contact E-Mail address. Country and Keyword specifications follow the same rules as stated above in the Simple Search section.

Adding & Updating

Well, adding of entries is easy, just click on any Add link you find, fill in the form there and you'll be part of Advanced Search within a few days. If your Department does not have a homepage url yet, just enter the Contact Email instead and I will establish a Mailto link to your Department's contact address. Please wait a few moments (depending on network traffic) after submitting your data until you get the "Thank you" page. This indicates that the data has been posted with successs. To modify an existing entry please send me a quick note containing name of Department and University and of course the entries you want to change.

Sending Mail

Please bare in mind that I maintain this database in my spare time, so please don't ask questions like:

  1. What is the best Department to study this or that?
  2. Could I get a list of E-Mail addresses to all Departments?
  3. What has happened to Dr.John Smith's Email?

Nevertheless just drop me a line if you have suggestions or comments and whenever you discover a Department that's not listed here don't forget to post it. If you're looking for Universities not included here - I maintain Universities Worldwide as well ;-)

Klaus Förster