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1. What about keywords?

First of all don't use keywords unless it's necessary. Each result page displays up to 50 links so there's no need to specify keywords in countries with less than 50 entries. If you enter a keyword, the url, name and town field of Universities in the selected Country or State will be examined. Do not use +/-/*/?/" signs as you're used to do it at altavista or google, reduce your keyword to the minimum - e.g. wash should be enough to match washington or med will include medicine as well as medical. Don't expect too much by entering a keyword and don't use it unless you think you must ...

2. What's included here?

Well, that's a tricky question as soon as you try to define the term "University". The database tries to include Institutions listed as University in the "World List of Universities, 21st Ed.", as well as Universities not mentioned there (discovered by me, or posted by contributors). "Colleges", "Fachhochschulen" or "Institutes" are not included by default unless they have "University status" which I hopefully can find out on their homepage.

3. What about adding a Link

There's just one thing you have to bear in mind when adding a link: "Do not leave any of the fields blank!". You won't be able to submit your data without filling in all fields. After posting I'll check your entry and include it if it matches one of the missing Universities. Although I know my mailbox will grow with messages like "why don't you list this or that" I've decided to enable posting but there's no warranty that your entry will be added to the public database.

4. Sending me mail ...

Please bear in mind that I maintain this database in my spare time, I have no affiliation with the International Association of Universities and there are some questions you should not ask:

  1. What is the best University to study this or that?
  2. Could I get a list of E-Mail addresses to all Universities?
  3. Could I get a list of all ... departments throughout the world?

I simply don't have this kind of data, and probably never will ...

Nevertheless just drop me a line if you have suggestions or comments and whenever you discover a University that's not listed here don't forget to post it.